Open Source Centre

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Open Source Centre

The Open Source Centre (OSC) systematically collects, researches, and analyses open source information in support of Australia's national security. In line with ONA's mandate under the ONA Act, the OSC focuses on international developments that affect Australia's national interests. Its principal customers are the departments and agencies that make up Australia's national intelligence community.

What is open source?

Much of the information with which Australia's national security agencies work is classified. Open source information is essentially all information which is not classified; it is all publicly available information regardless of the form it takes - electronic and print media, social networking sites, radio, television, databases and journals. It is anything you can read, hear or view - ranging from information carried on the latest technology through to pamphlets or flyers handed out in the street.

Open source information which is collated and analysed to answer specific intelligence questions is sometimes described as 'open source intelligence'.

What we do

Intelligence is about finding answers to specific questions. Many of these answers can be found at least in part in the wealth of open source information now available - if you know where to look and how to use it.

The OSC seeks to provide answers to Australia's national intelligence questions by systematically and effectively collecting and researching open source information. OSC validates that information and produces tailored open-source intelligence reports.

If you are a member of the Australian Government or State or Territory department or agency, you may be eligible to access OSC reporting via its Portal.

Working in the OSC

The OSC employs analysts with a range of skills, particularly high-level linguistic, analytic and research skills. The job of an OSC analyst is to answer specific intelligence questions using information that is available publicly - whether through monitoring news websites or researching a particular issue. As the world is constantly evolving, the challenge for OSC analysts is to keep up with latest developments not just in world events, but in how information about those developments is communicated.

Like other ONA officers, OSC analysts must be Australian citizens and require security assessments. If you are interested in working in the OSC, please check the ONA Careers page for any vacancies.