Careers FAQs

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Careers FAQs

Do I need qualifications to apply?

ONA positions do not generally require specific qualifications, however depending on the level and type of work the position engages in, there may be certain knowledge and experience requirements that can only result from a relevant qualification.  If a position requires certain qualifications it will be clearly stated in the job specific Candidate Information Kit.

If I am applying based on my tertiary degree, what type of degree does ONA require?

ONA employs both 'specialists' and 'generalists', and therefore employs people from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to arts, science, IT, finance/business, economics, international studies and language studies.

Do I need to speak other languages?

For analytical positions it is not essential for you to be able to speak other languages, but it can be advantageous.  If a position requires the ability to speak a certain language, this will be specified in the Candidate Information Kit.  Language training is provided if you are working in a position where language proficiency is necessary to achieve your work objectives.

There are many positions in ONA that do not require other languages including the enabling and support branches and some analytical branches.

Does ONA have a graduate program?

ONA does not run a graduate program however does recruit recent graduates to certain positions in the Open Source Centre and to some positions in our enabling and support branches.  ONA also has a generous study assistance program which means you may be able to continue your studies on a part-time basis while working full-time or part-time with ONA.

What does the selection process involve?

ONA's selection process is completed in two stages. Stage one is job specific; where we compare and weigh-up the skills, experience and abilities of each applicant. Stage two is the security assessment; this process assesses your suitability to work in a high security environment. Both stages of the selection process have to be successfully completed before an offer of employment will be considered.

What is merit?

ONA recruits staff based on merit, which means that from a field of applicants, we need to select the best person for the job. To do this we compare and weigh-up the skills, experience and abilities of each candidate. We use different tools and techniques, such as written applications, interviews and/or work-sample tests, to collect the evidence we need to make a merit-based decision.

What does a security clearance involve?

The security assessment process involves several stages including psychological assessment. Staff members must obtain and maintain a TSPV security clearance to work within ONA, therefore staff members' security clearances are reviewed periodically throughout employment with ONA - staff members are paid an allowance in recognition of these requirements.

Your personal information is handled in the strictest confidence. Psychological testing and assessment is conducted by registered psychologists in accordance with relevant legislation board requirements.

The process is necessarily more intrusive than you will encounter in most other employment applications and full disclosure of personal information is mandatory. If you feel uncomfortable about having to disclose personal details, and about our expectations regarding disclosure, then please think carefully before applying.