What we do

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What we do

Working at ONA

The Office of National Assessments (ONA) is a small organisation with a collaborative, non-hierarchical work culture. Our analysts produce assessments, both written and oral, on topics important to the Australian government, drawing on all available sources of information, and also contribute to intelligence policy.

We look for rigorous researchers who can write well, both specialists and generalists.

We also want officers to work in our foreign intelligence policy area, which evaluates and coordinates aspects of Australia's foreign intelligence activities, as well as managing ONA's relationships with other intelligence organisations.

To enable the work of the analytical and policy areas we seek staff for the corporate arm of the office – IT, HR, finance, buildings and security.

Our Enterprise Agreement sets out the conditions of employment at ONA. One part of these are the rigorous security requirements all staff must comply with. You have to apply for and gain a high-level security clearance before ONA can make you an offer of employment. There are benefits to working at ONA, and we are seeking a diverse workforce that reflects the best of Australia.