ONA's diversity commitment

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ONA's diversity commitment

ONA has a healthy and positive culture that we are rightly proud of. We are committed to the flexible work arrangements we offer and to doing better in the area of diversity. The goal of ONA’s 2015–2018 Diversity Action Plan is to achieve a stronger, healthier and more effective organisation by improving our workplace practices and building a workforce that better reflects the diversity of our society.

Diversity is an asset. We will build ONA into an organisation that employs more women, and includes more women in our most senior ranks. We want to remove possible barriers to the employment of people with disabilities, indigenous Australians, and those from culturally diverse non-English-speaking backgrounds.

Through consultation and transparency, ONA embraces diversity at all stages of the employment cycle. Our action plan promotes best-practice policies that support diversity in recruitment and promotion, training and career development, performance management and access to part-time or flexible work arrangements for all staff. All ONA senior managers are diversity champions.

We support equality of opportunity for professional growth and advancement. ONA fosters an accessible and inclusive workplace culture that supports collaboration between our analysts, researchers, administrative staff and management. We believe that diversity strengthens all aspects of our organisation: from our crucial research and coordination roles to the analytical rigour on which our judgments are based.