Director-General's Message

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Director-General's Message

ONA works to understand the world. Our assessments of international political, strategic and economic developments affecting Australia and Australians draw on intelligence and other reporting from government agencies, as well as publicly available information. Our expertise ranges from countries in our region and further afield to issues like terrorism, cyber security, transnational crime, climate change and the global economy. And our outlook is broad – we value the perspectives of academics, other non-government experts, and counterpart organisations in a number of countries.

Our Open Source Centre specialises in collecting and analysing a rapidly expanding range of publicly available information – including foreign language material – from sources such as print and electronic media and websites.

ONA also oversees the coordination and evaluation of Australia's foreign intelligence efforts to ensure our intelligence community can properly meet the information needs of our Government.

ONA is not a policy agency, though we aim to contribute to policy development; we are a government body and part of the Australian Intelligence Community. We are staunchly objective in our analysis; in fact the independence of our judgments is enshrined in law. The insights into world affairs we provide to the Government help it to develop and implement effective policy responses that advance Australia's interests.