Director-General's Message

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Director-General's Message

Welcome to the Website of the Office of National Assessments - ONA

ONA's job is to understand the world. We provide the Government with analysis of international developments affecting Australia and Australians. To do this we prepare assessments on international political, strategic and economic developments, drawing on intelligence and other reporting from government agencies, as well as publicly available information.

We are a government body and part of the Australian Intelligence Community. At the same time we are staunchly objective in our analysis; in fact the independence of our judgments is enshrined in law. And our outlook is broad - we value the perspectives of academics, other non-government experts, and counterpart organisations in a variety of countries.

While ONA is not a policy agency, the insights we provide into world affairs help the Government to develop and implement effective policy responses that advance Australia's interests. Our expertise ranges from countries in our region and further afield, to issues like terrorism, cyber security, transnational crime, climate change and the global economy.

Our Open Source Centre specialises in collecting and analysing a rapidly expanding range of publicly available information - including foreign language material - from sources such as print and electronic media and websites.

ONA also oversees the coordination and evaluation of Australia's foreign intelligence efforts to ensure our intelligence community can properly meet the information needs of our Government. This includes coordinating Australia's relations with intelligence agencies in other countries.

ONA's greatest asset is the quality of our staff. We need people who can make sense of an increasingly complex and interconnected world that is being transformed by technology and globalisation. We need people who can tap into the right streams of the vast amounts of available information. We need people who are committed to ensuring our organisation and wider intelligence community are performing to the highest standards. (See ONA's Diversity Commitment)

Whether you want to know what ONA does or the career opportunities we offer, I hope our website will help you to learn more about the organisation I am immensely proud to serve.


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