New Building

New ONA Building

Official Opening

The Robert Marsden Hope Building was officially opened by the Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard on Monday 5th December 2011.

Members of the Hope Family were in attendance, along with senior heads of government departments and agencies, members of the diplomatic community, previous Director-Generals of ONA, and other distinguished invited guests from the Australian Intelligence Community.

Speeches were delivered by the Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard and by Ms Deborah Hope, the daughter of the late Justice Robert Marsden Hope.

To commemorate the opening of the building, ONA commissioned noted historian Dr Peter Edwards to research and write a 10 000 word monograph on Robert Marsden Hope and his contribution to Australian Public Policy.

A small booklet on the history of the building that covered aspects of the building's tenancy from when it was originally constructed and opened as the Patent Office in 1941 was prepared and produced by the staff of ONA.  

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Official Speeches:     Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard
                               Ms. Deborah Hope - representing the Hope Family

Monograph:              Robert Marsden Hope and Australian Public Policy

History Booklet:         Robert Marsden Hope Building - A History

Images:                   Official Opening